Welcome to the New Tout-Fait

February 5, 2005 marks the launch of our Beta version of the new Tout-Fait journal design.

By March 30, 2005, all new articles will be uploaded. Until then, please enjoy the four new entries featured on the Home Page. Just click on the rolling UPDATES sign at the bottom right of the HOME PAGE.

Let us know what you think of our new perpetual design, in which new entries will be continuously uploaded, rather than being accumulated and published by volumes and issues. After the Final launch on March 30, 2005, all new entries will be uploaded continuously, following their acceptance by peer review.

Please tell us what you think of our new programming features. The Search function, Comments section after each entry, and our Tout-Fait Auditorium are among the new program details we hope will be helpful and will enrich your experience.

At the launch of our Final Version, I will incorporate your feedback and further elaborate on the new Tout-Fait functionality.

Many thanks,

Rhonda Roland Shearer