Postcard and Duchamp


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Duchamp’s postcard
to Katherine Dreier
Figure 1
Front view of
Duchamp’s postcard
to Katherine Dreier, 1933

There is a Tout-Fait article, dated May 2000 by Hans de Wolf. He thinks Duchamp appears in a postcard sent from Duchamp to Katherine Dreier (Fig. 1). There are 2 men behind the Duchamp figure that look an awful lot like Man Ray and Andre Breton. At least in my opinion. Could this be possible?


I was deeply saddened by the news of Prof. Goulds death. I consider him one of my favorite authors. I didn’t always completely understand him, but I always enjoyed his sense of humor and his constant quest to understand the universe.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that he and Dr. Shearer have been analyzing my favorite artist, Marcel Duchamp. His “Readymades” finally made sense. I had previously thought of these items as his most boring work, but now they are my favorite.

Incidentally, Austrian violinist Fritz Kriesler deceived his fans by performing “Recently Found” compositions of famous 17th and 18th century composers, which he had in fact wrote himself, but in their style. He admitted his deception and probably did it out of a sense of modesty, rather than trying to change the ideas of what is and is not music.

c’est la vie,
Keith Sacra