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Remembering Marcel and Duchamp
by Sauerwein, Laurent
(Vol -1, 2007)
Animated Reconstruction of Rotoreliefs
by Ludwig Schmidtpeter
(Vol -1, 2007)
Unmaking the Museum: Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades in Context
by Seekamp, Kristina
(Vol -1, 2005)
Variations on The Large Glass's Chocolate Grinder
by Jones, Mark
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
Rotorelief Interactief
by Lewis, Stephen
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
The Bride Achieves Ascendance Moments Before Orgasm, Even [French]
by Valentine, Peter
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
Examining Evidence: Did Duchamp simply use a photograph
of "tossed cubes" to create his 1925 Chess Poster?

by Shearer, Rhonda Roland and Slawinski, Robert
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
Voyage à travers le Grand Verre:
Avec le premier cinéma-vidéo du Grand Verre sur le web
by Suquet, Jean
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
Voyage through the Large Glass:
With the Very First Computer Animation of the Large Glass

by Suquet, Jean
(translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner and Koteliansky, Julia)
(Vol 1/ Issue 2,2000)
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even…more
by Summers, Dennis
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
Why the Hatrack is and/or is not Readymade:
With Interactive Software, Animations, and Videos for Readers to Explore

by Shearer, Rhonda Roland with Alvarez, Gregory, Slawinski, Robert, Marchi, Vittorio
and text box by Gould, Stephen Jay
(Vol 3, 2000)
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