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Duchamp at the Pompidou by Video Tour
(Vol -1, 2005)
Wanted: Original Manuscript on Marcel Duchamp
by Kraus, Eva and Sonzogni, Valentina
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
Rarity from 1944:
A Facsimile of Duchamp's Glass

by Dreier, Katherine S. and Echaurren, Roberto Matta
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
Marcel Duchamp and the Museum of Forgery
by LaFarge, Antoinette
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
Marcel Duchamp: A Readymade Case for Collecting Objects
of Our Cultural Heritage along with Works of Art

by Shearer, Rhonda Roland
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
Rarities from 1917: Facsimiles of The Blind Man No.1,
The Blind Man No.2
and Rongwrong

by (Duchamp, Marcel, Roché, Henri-Pierre and Wood, Beatrice eds.)
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
Dreaming with Open Eyes:
The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwarz Collection of
Dada and Surrealist Art at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

by Manor-Friedman, Tamar
(with video)
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
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