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Attracting Dust in New Zealand
Lost And Found: Betty's Waistcoat and Other Duchampian Traces

by Moore, Marcus
(Vol -1, 2007)
Unpacking the Boîte-en-valise:
Playing off Duchampian Deferral and Derrida's "différance"

by Lam, Yishan
(Perpetual , 2005)
On Swift Nudes and Flying Friars
by Karelse, Theun
(Perpetual , 2005)
The Artist as a Social Critique
by Mohn, Anja
(Perpetual , 2005)
Do it Yourself!
Die Geburt der Co-Autorschaft aus dem Geiste Duchamps
by Blunck, Lars
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
El Límite Soñado:
Arquitecturas De Vidrio No Construidas,
Reflexiones Desde El Siglo XXI: Las Vanguardias Artísticas
by Nadal, Daniel Huertas
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
The Suggestion of a Boundary:
the Non-constructed Architecture of Glass

by Nadal, Daniel Huertas (translated by Taylor, Jemima)
(Vol 2/ Issue 5,2003)
Duchamp the Gardener
by Taylor, Jemima
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
Observations on Duchamp’s Color
by Phillips, Timothy
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
Mirror, Mirror:
The Strange Case of the Salon de Fleurus

by Lindsay, David
(Vol 2/ Issue 5, 2003)
Duchamp et Jarry ou l'inverse [French]
by van der Velden, Bastiaan
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
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