Are Cliches...
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 09-02-11
...just involuntary literary readymades? ...more

Daligramme Done by Lancel is at Galeries Lafayette
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 09-01-11
Did you know Salvador Dali created an eight character alphabet for his wife, Helene Dimitrievna Diakonava a.k.a. Gala, in the 1960s? He called the alphabet of love Daligramme, composing it out of redesigned and heavily stylized renditions of the letters G for Gradiva-Gala, D for Dali, and S fo ...more

Automatism B: It Was a Failsafe Mechanism for Spandex
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 08-31-11
It was a failsafe mechanism for spandex. All along, if spandex went awry something would be there to rein it in, or so they thought. But it wasn't true, except now it was. People came from Red Hook, Brooklyn to Fish-hook, Brooklyn, to Red Fish Brooklyn, and over to Scared-ville Queens, just to see i ...more

A Neo-Duchampian Catchphrase
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 08-30-11
"Hmmm. We do have a slogan for Benrik: 'Your values are our toilet paper.' Or in French: “Vos valeurs sont notre peru." --the creators of The Situationist App (touted as the first Marxist social media tool) ...more

Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture?
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 08-29-11
Donald Judd can be quite spectacular. Out in Marfa, Texas for instance, where the minimalist sculptor purchased land, his giant stone boxes eerily offset the empty horizon and rustling waves of yellow grass: a cipher in the landscape. But some of his works do, truth be told, look exactly like cheap ...more

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