PIcabia's Work Exhibited Next to Pieces of Classical Antiquity
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 11-04-11
  French Dadaist Francis Picabia’s work will be displayed, and contextualized, in conjunction with pieces from classical antiquity as part of an exhibit at Getty Villa called Modern Antiquity: Picasso, de Chirico, Leger, Picabia in the Presence of the Antique.  The show hopes to inv ...more

Lady Gaga's Potty Art
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 11-03-11
Of course, the next person to create their own version of Marcel Duchamp's hundred year old Fountain (1917) for a publicity stunt is Lady Gaga. The infamous pop star, or self-titled "Fame Monster," she used Armitage Shanks, the title of her urinal sculpture, as an accessory at a photo ...more

Karla Black: Turner Prize 2011 Nominee
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 11-02-11
Scottish artist Karla Black’s work, exhibited at Saatchi Gallery and nominated for the illustrious Turner Prize this year, is sensitive to a tradition of performance much in the way Marcel Duchamp’s was.  Her audience is welcomed to experience her usually sprawling organic structure ...more

We're Moving into the Arensbergs'
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 10-01-11
Hot off the real estate catalog press: Hannah and Walter Arensberg's Upper West Side apartment, where Duchamp stayed in the summer of 1915, is for sale. is currently looking to purchase the home that saw the birth of New York Dada at the affordable price of 4.75 million dolla ...more

What's Duchamp Doing in Starbucks Anyway?
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 09-30-11
There are many artists, designers, and writers among others that are inspired or incited by Duchamp's work.  Richard Kegler is one of them.  In 1994, Kegler created the Duchamp typeface by scanning in samples of Duchamp's writing from Large Glass and distributed them on floppy disks to int ...more

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