Duchamp's Funeral
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-12-11
Duchamp's Funeral: posted by darksilenceinsuburbia. liked by structuredstructure. really liked by hyperbolicdude reblogged by yourlaughlinesareshowing. reliked by themasquerademind reposted by newjerseykeepmybones brought to you by the contemporary art blog. rebrought to you by marcelduchamp ...more

For The Reading List: Man Ray's Montparnasse
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-11-11
It’s no easy task for a work of history to dish all the gossip you want hear and still manage to seem culturally and sociopolitically substantial. Man Ray’s Montparnasse, by Herbert Lottman (2001) does just this. Suitable for the beach or the classroom, it manages to maintain the p ...more

Parisian Gallery Focuses on Multiples and Editions in New Show
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-10-11
Perrotin, a gallery on Rue Turenne, in Paris that represents Tatiana Trouve and Matthew Day Jackson among other top contemporary artists, is currently hosting a exhibition entitled "Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, and Takashi Murakami: A History of Editions." By way of inciting general refle ...more

Oops, They Did It Again
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 07-09-11
During the last hundred years or so there have been numerous attempts, successful and unsuccessful, by pranksters and artists alike, to leave their mark—in other words, urinate—on Duchamp’s upturned Fountain.  On the 17th of this month, the latest attempt aired on a Youtube ch ...more

Aren't You Bored By Duchamp's Legacy?
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-08-11
“Aren’t you concerned that the dialectical equation of art and anti-art might have congealed into a perverse tautology, now that even the middle class collects its products? Aren’t you bored by the phoniness of a good part of Duchamp’s legacy? Don’t you feel the powerle ...more

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