le duchamp (2008) by Rafael Rozendaal
By Cici Moss
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"Brand new work by artist Rafael Rozendaal. Be sure to also check out Rozendaal's JELLOTIME.COM, which was a Rhizome Commission in 2008." ...more

Duchamp's mystery
By Prisc , thisOtherEden
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" He is famous. No doubt about it. He led the artists of his time to one of the greatest revolutions of all. He changed the whole idea of art, of what it is. And yet, was he actually laughing at his private joke? Laughing at those who followed him, believing they were following a new belief. Laughin ...more

The art factory and the death of the connoisseur
By Richard Feigen , The Art Newspaper
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"In Duchamp's day the 'art world' was tiny and the initiates were ready for a breakthrough­for new ideas and new media, for 'dada'­and the big money wasn't there. Once we accept that the artist's hand is no longer necessary, only his idea, it's a short leap to market the concept that beauty ...more

Agreement between Proa and MAM-SP for Duchamp in Latin America
By Curator, Elena Filipovic
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MAM – MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA DE SÃO PAULO: 15 July - 21 September, 2008 FUNDACION PROA: November 19, 2008 - February, 2009 "Two years after an intensive investigation and production, Fundación Proa today shares with the MAM-SP the success obtained from the critics and ...more

Duchamp's 3 Stoppages Étalon
By Dingo on Raggit
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"Many of the stories he tells just don't line up," Shearer says. Consider Three Standard Stoppages, in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, a key early work. Toward the end of 1913, Duchamp said, in his Paris studio, he cut three lengths of thread, each just under one meter long, dr ...more

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