Book art by Marcel Duchamp…
By withhiddennoise
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"In his designs for bookbindings and jackets, Duchamp often made user of the continuity between front and back: in the chess book L'Opposition et les cases conjuguées sont reconciliées, 1932; in the designs for Hebdomeros and Ubu, executed by Mary Reynolds, 1935..." ...more

Never mind the Pollocks
By Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian (Hat tip :
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"One day Pollock, Duchamp and Guggenheim had a row over a canvas she had commissioned for the foyer of her East Side townhouse in New York. At 20ft wide, it proved too big for the allotted space. Duchamp proposed cutting eight inches off one end. Pollock disappeared to get drunk, wandering back late ...more

By Esthétique , Samedi
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Marcel Duchamp said, "Therefore I am inclined, after this examination of the past, to believe that the young artist of tomorrow will refuse to base his work as over-simplified as that of the 'representative or non-representative' dilemma. I am convinced that, like Alice in Wonderland, he will be led ...more

Reasons That We'll Always Have Paris
By Karen Rosenberg , New York Times
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"A young Calder arrived in Paris as a realist painter and illustrator; within seven years he had been transformed into a Surrealist sculptor whose playful 'drawings in space' were admired by Marcel Duchamp, among others. " Duchamp coined the term "mobile" for describing Calder's moving sculptures. ...more

ARTISTIC LICENSE: Duchamp's 'Bottle Rack' revisited
By Mark Webber ,
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"Duchamp purchased a common bottle-drying rack sometime in 1914 and brought it to his studio. Two years later, while traveling, he wrote to his sister and asked her to paint an inscription on the bottle rack because he had decided that it was sculpture 'readymade.' Unfortunately, she had already thr ...more

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