Photo bomber "Art Interventionists"
By Monica Corcoran , LA Times
posted: 00-00-00
"Critics will say that photo bombing hardly constitutes 'art intervention,' which is the intentional meddling into a pre-existing piece of artwork or even an art venue, like a gallery or museum. (The performance artist who took a hammer to Marcel Duchamp's famous urinal -- titled 'Fountain' -- in Pa ...more

Ranking the greatest artworks of the twentieth century
By Patricia Cohen, International Herald Tribune
posted: 00-00-00
"His [David Galenson] statistical approach has led to what he says is a radically new interpretation of 20th-century art, one he is certain art historians will hate. It is based in part on how frequently an illustration of a work appears in textbooks. 'Demoiselles' came in at No. 1 with 28 i ...more

Duchamp & the Hatrack
By Byron Caplan
posted: 00-00-00
"This segment is from my documentary on the Dada movement titled, 'Random Acts of Beauty: The Story of Dada.' Here, Stephen C Foster talks about Duchampian mind-games used to determine what qualifies as art. " ...more

Duchamp & The Indifferent Field of Possibilities
By Byron Caplan
posted: 00-00-00
"This segment is from my documentary on Dada titled, "Random Acts of Beauty: The Story of Dada." this segment examines Duchamp's interest in randomness and chance as compared to the Zurich Dadaists. It is a different take altogether." ...more

Marcel Duchamp: Etant Donnes
By ruzik_tuzik, Huliq News
posted: 00-00-00
"This is the first exhibition to examine the genesis, construction, and reception of Etant donnes: 1 la chute d'eau, 2 le gaz d'eclairage (Given: 1 The Waterfall, 2 The Illuminating Gas), Marcel Duchamp's enigmatic final masterwork that was secretly executed in New York during the last 20 years ...more

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