ASRL / PERPETUAL 2015 has interesting Duchampian photos
By Editor
posted: 04-29-12
If you want to see some interesting photos of Duchamp and his works go to Images include Duchamp and his wife, Teeny, with John Cage in 1968 playing electronic chess and an image, shown above of Duchamp in Andy Warhol's New York studio.   ...more

Alec Nevala-Lee, author inspired by Duchamp
By editors
posted: 03-03-12
Alec Nevala-Lee blogs about when the Duchamp inspiration struck: "While doing research on art history at the Brooklyn Public Library, I stumbled across the wonderful book Why Are Our Pictures Puzzles? by James Elkins, who explores the issue of why we’re collectively drawn to interpret and ...more

What did Marcel Duchamp tell Bill Griffith?
By editors
posted: 02-17-12
Alan Bisbort in an interview with underground cartoonist Bill Griffith (a.k.a. Zippy) reveals details about Griffith's brief encounter with Marcel Duchamp when he was 19 years old. Griffith was a student at Pratt . He told the famed artist at the master's restrospective exhibition that he, Griff ...more

Duchamp's friend, John Cage, Celebrated
By editors
posted: 01-29-12
Steven Rosen, City Beat, writes that Carl Solway, recently celebrated his 50th year as a "gallerist" in Cincinnati.  Solway spoke to arts enthusiasts at Hamilton’s Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park about "the milestone" of his new exhibition on Marcel Duchamp's friend, Jo ...more

Marcel Duchamp on YouTube
By editors
posted: 01-26-12
If you search "Marcel Duchamp, artist" on YouTube, there are over 3,000 results. Video interviews with Duchamp are among the must-sees for any Duchamp fan. There are videos of artists whose work is inspired by Duchamp and videos of Duchamp playing or discussing chess. ...more

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