Daligramme Done by Lancel is at Galeries Lafayette
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 09-01-11
Dali with his Gala in Palamos, 1934
Image Source

Did you know Salvador Dali created an eight character alphabet for his wife, Helene Dimitrievna Diakonava a.k.a. Gala, in the 1960s?

He called the alphabet of love Daligramme, composing it out of redesigned and heavily stylized renditions of the letters G for Gradiva-Gala, D for Dali, and S for Salvador. In 1970 the French fashion company, Lancel, designed a handbag that featured Daligramme characters and a bicycle chain handle.

ArtInfo reports that for three weeks beginning today, September 1st, French department store Galeries Lafayette will be exhibiting a new line of Daligramme handbags by Lancel and numerous photographs of Dali with his Gala.

If only there was a way for us to attend.

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