With A Lunatic Gesture We Forsook Jujistsu (Automatism A)
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-20-11
Robert Motherwell, Automatism A, 1966
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With a lunatic gesture we forsook jujitsu. Etwas unterscheiden zwischen werden Erde gesehen. The politics of underwriting that I have reclaimed, forsooth my shakespearean liege, a league embedded in the first strategy when I set out for champions, however it may have otherwise seemed. When the natives that combined their energies first of all eschewed gentrification, exclaimed that howeverso things might have first seemed to them symbolically, they would absolutely and hirsutely and astutely perservere beyond the bounds of the, we felt a little bit meta at a higher level surveying what was going on it was like several simultaneous streams, polished, mixed in with a need for publicity and a bit of anthracite, a mixture of the abstract and the really really concrete at two separate leveled. And he wondered whether the fact that he wondered whether this made any sense made any sense, when nested between two does distraction really count? Can anyone really write like this? There is a basic incoherency about the the whole process he felt. What about typos? Could invariably the materiality of the signifier not become an issue? Did they ever actually think about that? Or had they actually outthought it in surreality, a true unconscious that always managed to be a step ahead of its own essence, and so avoid the tautological trap of self-conscious referentiality? There is some secret about rhetoric and truth that's mixed up in the goal of absolute transparent uneditorship that any surrealist editor would do wise to try to ignore....invariably looking back to try to proofread now. Typos, types, typos, topos, Greek stream geek dom. The natural bounds that any artwork would assume, with out being, in some sense lazy the reason why text and context just semantic abandon grammar. Funny how that works, like aphasia, degenerate lettrism i o X u g Yum Zum Zum I H ü Yum R T I q Zawp B gzp d x ü

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