recommend: Found Sound
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 04-12-11
a found home recording
Image Source

For fans of Duchamp, John Cage, and the readymade, this unassuming tumblr is worth a peruse. "Found- sound" collects miscellaneous abandoned recording cartridges, displaying photographs of the casette tapes in various states of disrepair, along with excerpts from the audio contained within.

Is it bacon or bagels that go into deviled eggs? This question is raised in one of the stray answering machine tapes procured by the found-sound folks; these comprise one of the more amusing genres the tumblr curates. I also find something uncanny in the heaps of loose plastic tape photographed sans hard cover. In the digital age we're not so often confronted viscerally with the guts of our media...

Good found sound stories, links? Post in comments...

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