Avowed Conceptualism (Gone Awry?) in Berlin
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 04-11-11
conceptual obelisk

Outside my apartment in Berlin is Schloss Charlottenburg, a large Baroque palace once occupied by Friedrich the Great, and its manicured grounds hat were designed to ape the gardens at Versailles. Further into the "Schlosspark" is a tangle of woods and wildlife home to sleek foxes and lakebound ducks, geese and swans. On a walk around the lake I came across this greying obelisk, crouched unassumingly in a denuded gove of trees. Naturally I wondered about its significance; the plaque informed me that it signified literally nada. The artist "Braco Dimitrijevic" built it in 1979 "commemorating" the "arbitrarily chosen date" of March 11th. This was specifically done in the spirit of avant-garde provocation, "without fixed content (conceptual art). (i.e. Marcel Duchamp's destabilizing "pure gesture" of raising a urinal to the status of art)

Now this obelisk..briliant critique of the momument form? Ever so slightly juvenile and pointless? Either way it enlivened my walk around the bucolic Schlosspark...

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