nothingtoodoo, Terrence Koh
By Jenny Fan
posted: 03-13-11
Terence Koh, Mary Boone Gallery, 2011 Photo:16miles
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The self-described “Naomi Campbell of the art world,” Terence Koh, has a new solo exhibit at the Mary Boone Gallery titled “nothingtoodoo.”  Koh’s past works include a gold-plated ornament of his excrement (Art Basel, 2008) that reportedly was sold for $500,000, a two-headed piano with protruding arms for Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammy, and a 25 foot long urinal in tribute to Duchamp at the April 2009 “KKK” show at Mary Boone. 

In nothingtoodoo, Koh circles an 8 feet high mound of salt while on his knees.  The immaculate gallery space is purposefully devoid of distracting colors and embellishments, and pushes the visitor to soak in the solemnity and contemplative practice of Koh’s painful act (NYTimes reported that Koh has, since the first week, donned knee-pads). Through March 19, 2011.

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