Duchamp down the catwalk?
By Jenny Fan
posted: 02-25-11
models sporting The Rodnik Band's AW 2011 collection, Philip Colbert, 02/23/2011
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Finally, Duchamp’s readymade bares itself down the catwalk at the just concluded London Fashion Week in the form of the urinal dress, a signature piece in Philip Colbert’s AW 2011 Rodnik Band Collection.  Colbert has compared his own Duchamp fascination with the inspiration of Mondrian to YSL; each a testament to the channeling of iconic art into fearless craftsmanship.  For Colbert’s eclectic AW 2011 Rodnik Band, he also referenced, cross referenced and intersected synergistically the work of Warhol, Dali, Wieselman and other surrealists with the soundtracks of the Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd. and the Velvet Underground.  What's next for the Rodnik Band? Who’s going to map the parameters of “wearable art?”

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