Freeing Art History with a Ready-Print Urinal?
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 02-24-11
Printed Urinal from Shapeways, Rob Myers
Image Source

Thanks to the efforts of Rob Myers and cwebber, Duchamp’s infamous ready-made, Fountaine, can now be reproduced by anyone with a 3D printer and used in service of aesthetics, sanitation, or humor as seen fit. Though the updated version has been criticized for its dissemblance to the 1919 original--R. Mutt’s signature is notably absent--Myers doesn’t pretend to have created a replica. Instead, he offers a ready-print with the intentions and potentials of a Dadaist sensibility authored by Duchamp: at the very least, perhaps, this model can further the discharge of urinals from institutional sterility in the museum chamber.

Myers’ urinal can also be purchased by those without 3D printers: offers a miniature copy that comes in a variety of colors and materials such as White Strong & Flexible.

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