"Pimping" the Fountain

posted: 11-24-10
"Delicious Douglas," Anthony Thompson Shumate
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Texas sculptor Anthony Thompson Shumate has created a series of objects named after -- and arguably inspired by -- the eternal phrases often recited to artists in lieu of criticism or conventional wisdom. The "pimped out" urinal on display (to use the Houston Press critic's phrase) at the Barbara Davis Gallery is replete with bright industrial paint and fine detailing, and is apparently proudly signed. Its title? "You know I've seen a piece like that before. Do you even know art history?"

In a world filled with anonymous plumbing trading under various signatures and provenances -- official, authentic, falsified, pirated, mass-produced, reappropriated, readymade -- the gesture is relatively novel. Sadly no picture of the object appears to exist online, forcing the interested to experience it for themselves.


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