Stolen Fountain Chip on Display

posted: 05-17-10
Stolen Pieces, Eva & Franco Mattes
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A pair of Italian artists who spent two years pilfering fragments of various celebrated contemporary art objects are now exhibiting their collection of souvenirs under the heading "Stolen Pieces."

Eva and Franco Mattes chipped, clipped and pried bits of works by Oldenburg, Beuys, Warhol, Koons and even Duchamp out of their museum settings and arranged them under glass. The pursuit of these trophies raises poignant questions about the curatorial impulse -- is the museum really just a magpie's hoard writ large? -- and the ontological place of contemporary art objects. Is it still a Duchamp (replica) if the label has been chiseled off? Or is it just another (fake) urinal?

At Postmasters in New York through June 19.


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