Peter Liversidge's Duchampian Propositions

posted: 02-26-10
Proposal No. 64: 1229 hand painted dice
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Artist Peter Liversidge works by composing a series of "proposals" to create objects (facsimile dice, neon signage, mobile sculpture) and document situations (visits, encounters, meals); his current exhibition, at Edinburgh's Ingleby Gallery, collects 160 such proposals and their realizations to commemorate "the thrill of it all."

While Liversidge's conceptual methodology is obviously in the tradition of Duchamp, Richard Ingleby, who's hosting the current show, is equally intrigued with the (also-Duchampian) investigation of things in themselves that a proposition can provoke. "When you scratch the surface of that and find out a bit more about the person behind them, I absolutely love the conceptual starting point and the lateral thinking, the whole history he has," he says.

(Through April 10. has details.)


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