The Return of "Le Mouvement"

posted: 02-10-10
Rotoreliefs (1935)
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After 55 years, the seminal "Le Mouvement" exhibition has returned to remind connoisseurs of the possibilities of sculptural art that employs color, light, motion and time. Duchamp works on display at Basel's Museum Tinguely include Rotary Demisphere/Precision Optics and Rotoreliefs; other artists represented include Yaacov Agam, Jesus Rafael Soto, Victor Vasarely, Pol Bury, Robert Jacobsen, Richard Mortensen, Jean Tinguely himself and Robert Breer, as well as mobile pioneer Alexander Calder.

Given the position of cinema as a medium of motion, short films by Duchamp, Man Ray and others will also be screened.

(Through May 16. See for details.)


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