Chess & The Origin of the World
By Scott Martin
posted: 01-19-10
Francis Naumann and Yoko Ono
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On the trail of Marcel Duchamp, art dealer Francis Naumann has diverted his professional attention from chess -- having curated the groundbreaking "Art of Chess" show last year -- to works that, like Etant Donnes, express the character of the vagina. "They are at opposite ends of the spectrum and, as it turns out, opposite ends of the body," he recently told ARTNEWS. "But I see a connection, through Duchamp."

"The Visible Vagina" will be on display at both Naumann's uptown gallery and co-organizer David Nolan's Chelsea space from January 28 through May 20. Duchamp, his relations and associates are represented among the nearly 80 artists whose work appears either in the exhibit catalog or the show itself. As Naumann notes, Etant Donnes bridges the gap between worlds in much the same way that a "sealed move" or any undisclosed intent allows the chess master to stay in play even after the game is over.

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