By Scott Martin
posted: 01-04-10
Nat Finkelstein, portrait of Duchamp
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While Andy Warhol cultivated significant creative distance from his dada forebears, that didn't stop him from occasionally documenting the movements of Marcel Duchamp in the 1960s, or from flirting with a more substantial project filming Duchamp on the model of his eight-hour Empire. Those interested in plumbing the connections between the two artists should find plenty to think about at the Warhol Museum's upcoming show, "Twisted Pair: Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol." (May 22 through September 6; Pittsburgh)

In the meantime, a retrospective show of the work of Nat Finkelstein, Warhol's unofficial "court photographer," contains portraits of Duchamp and less peripheral figures in Warhol's world. (Idea Generation Gallery, January 20 through February 14; London)


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