The Seduction of Duchamp
By Scott Martin
posted: 12-29-09
Sandra Ortiz Taylor, Crossing Over, Duchamp's Shadow.
Image Source
A truly extraordinary gallery show recently brought together the work of 35 Bay Area artists in an extended comment on Marcel Duchamp's preoccupations and career, from Nude Descending to with a panoply of retrofitted "found" objects, chessboards and winking profiles along the way. Several artists represented were not even born when Duchamp visited San Francisco "approximately" a half century ago, as the exhibit materials wryly (and slipperily) commemorate, but are evidently working in his spirit; lines of artistic inheritance, like the gaze itself, are plastic and dilatory -- apprehension lags the stopwatch. The show has closed but the objects and the ideas they embody are still very much in circulation.


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