Paul & Nusch Eluard and Surrealism Exhibition
By Aimee Lusty
posted: 07-27-09
Paul Eluard, Each His Anger
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The National Galleries of Scotland currently presents an exhibition at their Dean Gallery exploring and chronicling the affair between Paul Eluard and his wife Nusch. The works are gathered from the Roland Penrose collection exhibited in a small, but overpacked front room gallery. The works in the collection explore Nusch's influence as muse on Eluard's work. The exhibition also includes collaborations with other artists in and outside of the Parisian Surrealist circle include Man Ray, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso.

Excerpt from National Galleries of Scotland Website:

The surrealist poet Paul Eluard (1895-1952) published over seventy books of poetry and prose. For Eluard painting and poetry were intimately linked, and it was his custom to collaborate with artist friends such as Max Ernst, Man Ray and Pablo Picasso in the production of numerous publications. From 1924-38 he was a key figure in the Surrealist Group in Paris. In 1930 Eluard met Maria Benz, known as Nusch (1906-1946) a muse and model for Man Ray and for Picasso, and married her in 1934. She inspired some of Eluard's most tender love poems. Roland Penrose first met Eluard in Paris in 1929; they were introduced by Max Ernst. Their friendship, which lasted until Eluard's death, is well documented in the Gallery's Penrose archive. The display highlights this friendship through letters and photographs. Also included in the display are Eluard's many book collaborations, together with his collages and works from his art collection, purchased by Penrose in 1938.

The exhibition will be on view at the Dean Gallery, Edinburgh from June 27 to September 27, 2009.

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