Blainville-Crevon - Neuilly-sur-Seine

posted: 07-02-09
2007, Computer supported video installation, ready made object, videos, monitors
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A critical view on a famous installation by Marcel Duchamp (Roue de bicyclette, 1913). Duchamp was born in Blainville-Crevon (Normandie) and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris). Hoschele constructed a bicycle with a camera in front and a second camera at the back. The front camera looked forwards, the back camera looked backwards. He traveled from Blainville-Crevon to Neuilly-sur-Seine, which is about 150 km. This trip took him two days. He documented the road, the weather, the landscape (from rural environment to suburbia). Out of this material he made 9 hours video each. For the installation he reconstructed Duchamps ready-made as an interface. By turning the wheel the viewer activates the digitized video material from both cameras on boths screens. By turning the wheel forwards the viewer moves the video forwards; when turning the wheel backwards the video is moving backwards. Therefore the viewer can move forwards and backwards, faster and slower, and even stop. The viewer travels with Duchamp, he participates with his artwork and life.

Blainville-Crevon - Neuilly sur Seine from hoec on Vimeo.

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