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"Dada´sts Surrealists - photogram (image from a movie) more Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray profile portrait on a roof playing chess extract from Francis Picabia and Rene Clair's movie Entr'acte"
"Originally played as an intermission with no sound, this film is now a must for any fan/historian of fine art. Featuring cameos by Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, and other notables, Clair and Picabia's dada collage of different narratives, experimental use of the camera, and surrealist and absurdist images is the best example of experimental or dadaist films from the period. As unusual as it is to watch a film with no sound, the images created by the artists provide an extremely unique experience for the viewer. Fun for anyone, and especially interesting for those acquainted with the artists or the art movements themselves.-- by Jeff Dantowitz from Toronto, Canada"... ...Source
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