Trees + Flowers - Insects Animals: Man Ray; NEW Book June Release
By Aimee Lusty
posted: 05-14-09
To be published June 30 by Steidl
Image Source
"Trees + Flowers - Insects Animals" to be published later this upcoming June is a unseen collection of photographs by Man Ray, focusing on recurring themes he was not generally acclaimed for. The photographs subjects range from buildings, landscapes, grasshoppers, rocks, stars, trees, flowers, and animals.

Unlike his infamous rayographs and solarized portraits of artworld celebrities, these works show his intimate attraction to using nature as conceptual forms in his compositions. His more familiar works are juxtaposed with these more unlikely subjects, to show recurring composition structure and themes, "There's a well- known photograph of Marcel Duchamp, Tonsure, which shows the artist with the shape of a star shaved into the back of his scalp. It is published alongside a close up of star fish on pebbles taken during the 1920s." ...Source

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