Mike Figgis colloborates with
Tate for Film Project
By Cayla Lewis
posted: 05-06-09
Filmmaker Mike Figgis
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Academy Award nominated filmmaker Mike Figgis is collobrating with the the Tate Liverpool and Tate Media to make a series of short films featuring conversations with people from Liverpool about the works of art in the Tate Collection.  Four works of art from the Tate Collection, including Marcel Duchamp's Fountain will be shown in public places around Liverpool and " members of the public will be invited to talk about the works in these new contexts."   Figgis said that his goal for the project is to demonstrate that  "art can be discussed, and that the discussion of a work of art is as important as the art itself" and that " a strong work of art will have resonance regardless of where it is or what happens to it". 

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