"Art is Arp" at the Arp Museum Banhoff Rolandseck
By Cayla Lewis
posted: 04-01-09
Hans Arp
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The Arp Museum Bahnof Rolandseck is currently showing the exhibititon "Art is Arp", "one of the most comprehensive retrospectives on Hans Arp ever undertaken".  The exhibit, which runs until June 14, includes "over 100 drawings, collages, sculptures, and reliefs" as well as numerous texts, photographs, and other documents made by Arp, the founder of the Zurich Dada movement.  Although the exhibit includes works from all periods of Arp's career, it focuses on pieces which explore "the law of chance", automatism, and the process of creating.  It also includes much of Arp's literary work, including audio recordings of his poetry, which sought to "surpass all conventional rules of language." 

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