View Magazine's Marcel Duchamp Special Issue, 1945
By Andrew Otwell
posted: 03-19-09
Marcel Duchamp Cover for "The View", March 1945
Image Source

"Scholars often see View's most valuable contribution as its role in the introduction of Surrealist art to an American audience during the years 1940-1947. Although several recent studies examine the magazine generally within the context of Surrealism in America, few focus closely on the individual issues themselves...The Marcel Duchamp issue in March of 1945 appeared at a moment when Ford's magazine was enjoying some relative success, and Breton's own attempt at a Surrealist journal, VVV, had faltered... The Duchamp issue represents another point of artistic contact. The issue is a near collaboration between Breton, his friend Duchamp, and the Austrian-born architect and designer Frederick Kiesler"

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