Duchamp, Love and Death, Even
By Kieran Lyons
posted: 03-16-09
Duchamp: Love and Death, Even by Juan Antonio Ramirez
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"After Duchamp's death a final set was released in French under the title 'Marcel Duchamp: Notes' (1980) and followed by its English translation in 1983. This has provoked a stream of publications in English as well as further offerings from Europe and elsewhere. One of these is Juan Antonio Ramirez' 'Duchamp: love and death, even,' originally published in Spanish and subsequently translated into English. It provides a useful but problematic addition to the canon.

Ramirez' aim is to project a beam of light over Duchamp's career. First to be illuminated are the Munich works from 1912 with the sweep finally arresting in 1966 on his last installation 'Given: 1. The waterfall,..' The last section of the book discusses this work through a variety of sources while giving particular attention to the 1967 'Operating Instructions' and Ramirez, good lighthouse keeper that he is, follows its directives, completes his examination and switches off the lamp."

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