The Marcel Duchamp I Married
By Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor
posted: 03-05-09
Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor and Marcel Duchamp on their wedding day
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In an excerpt from her memoir A Marriage in Check: The Heart of the Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor, Even, Duchamp's wife Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor tells about their relationship.  Although they initially  had a happy marriage, Sarazin-Levassor soon found herself excluded from Duchamp's life.  Duchamp essentially abandoned his wife, and altough she atttempted to put up a facade of a happy marriage, the two eventually divorced a year after marrying.  Here is another link with information (in French) about the new English edition of the book and the original French edition:

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