Societe Anonyme
By Cayla Lewis
posted: 02-17-09
Katherine Dreier with Marcel Duchamp, early 1930s
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In 2007 the Phillips Collection in Washington DC launched its Center for the Study of Moden Art with the exhibit "Societe  Anonyme".  The exhibit is named after an orginization founded by Marcel Duchamp, Katherine Dreier, and Man Ray.  Societe Anoyme's goals were "to break down the prejudice which exists against the new approach to art" and to "stay ahead or abreast of the stimulate the imagination and inventive attitude of America".  The group was enormously influential, "generat[ing] thirty publications, more than eighty contemporary art exhibitions, and 85 public programs" according to K. Kimberly King in her article Stop, See, and Soar: "Societe Anoyme" at the Expanded Phillips Collection.  While reviewing the exhibit, King relates details from the life and work of Katherine Dreier, a little known artist and collector "whose matronly appearance and frilly dresses cloaked a dedicated revolutionary"  and who "alter[ed]...modern art" through her partnership with Duchamp.

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