Speed Art Museum Presents Marcel Duchamp

posted: 12-24-08

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"Louisville, Kentucky - The Speed Art Museum is excited to present to Louisville an exhibition of Marcel Duchamp: Marcel, Marcel. On exhibition 13 November through 17 February, 2008.Perhaps no artist of the twentieth century has aroused more passion and controversy, nor exerted a greater influence on art than Marcel Duchamp. Born 1887 in Blainville, France, Duchamp came to the public’s attention with his painting Nude Descending a Staircase No.2, which caused a furor when it was exhibited at New York City's famous Armory Show in 1913. However, the Duchamp that resonates more in the popular imagination is the pioneer of kinetic art and ready-mades, such as the bottle drying rack and the urinal and whose works seem to run against conventional ideas of what art might be. This is the Duchamp who redefined art as concept rather than product and whose ideas have fueled artistic movements and debates to the present day."

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