Novel Appearances: French Book Art at the New York Public Library
By Anne K. Yoder
posted: 12-15-08
Marcel Duchamp La Mariée mise à nu par ses celíbataires, même (The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even). Also known as The Green Box 1934
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“It’s as though a bomb were inadvertently dropped on the essence of book art during the first World War; it emerged on the other side fundamentally changed, spinning off in many directions. Dada shook up the established ideas of art and literature, especially in Paris where the movement was well-grounded in the written word, with poets like André Breton, Tristan Tzara, and Paul Éluard at the helm. The new methods of making art and creating poetry mirrored each other: Tzara would cut up newspaper articles, and Arp drawings, and each would let the pieces fall to create a poem, or a picture, from the chance arrangement.”

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