Teeny Duchamp and John Cage playing chess
Marcel Duchamp, copyright Shigeko Kubota/ courtesy of Maya Stendhal Gallery , New York.
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Posted on: 02-12-10
Because of "Dust Breeding"
Sophie Ristelhueber, 1991-2007. 156 x 189 cm
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Posted on: 02-11-10
Rotary Demisphere
Marcel Duchamp. Hirschorn Museum, Washington, DC
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Posted on: 02-10-10
Readymade with Steel Comb and Wooden Case
Marcel Duchamp,Peigne 1916 (Schwarz 115, 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches, Inscribed "Marcel Duchamp 1964" on the Copper Plate on the Wooden Box and Signed "Marcel Duchamp 1964" on the Aluminum Comb
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Posted on: 02-09-10
Rrose Selavy
Marcel Duchamp, 1921. Photograph by Man Ray. Art Direction by Marcel Duchamp. Silver print. 5-7/8" x 3"-7/8".
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Posted on: 02-08-10
Three Standard Stoppages
Marcel Duchamp, 1913
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Posted on: 02-05-10
Trophy II for Teeny & Marcel Duchamp
Robert Rauschenberg, 1960. Found objects, photographs, paint.
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Posted on: 02-03-10
Three Duchamp brothers
left to right: Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon, and Raymond Duchamp-Villon in the garden of Jacques Villon's studio in Pateaux, France, in 1914. Photographer unknown.
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Posted on: 02-02-10
Chocolate Grinder
From Charles Shere's "opera to the work of Marcel Duchamp," The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even.
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Posted on: 01-29-10
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