Beautiful Maya
Still from Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid's experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
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Posted on: 07-12-11
urinal float
large and festive Duchamp tribute
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Posted on: 07-11-11
"Capri Battery," Joseph Beuys, 1985
Courtesy: The National Museum of Art, Osaka. Photo: FUKUNAGA Kazuo
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Posted on: 07-10-11
Pablo Picasso, by Man Ray
From the Museo D'Arte, Lugano, Switzerland
Posted on: 07-09-11
A Game of Chess
A refreshingly Monet-like early painting by Marcel Duchamp.
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Posted on: 07-08-11
Grains et issues
Grains et issues (Grain and Chaff) by Tristan Tzara, etching by Salvador Dali (1935)
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Posted on: 07-07-11
4H bikes
An edgy quad-unicycle designed Galvin Turk and Ben Wilson, inspired by "Bicycle Wheel"
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Posted on: 07-06-11
“Dada 1916-1923, Sidney Janis, April 15 to May 9, 1953”
Poster by Duchamp and Janis for show at Sidney Janis Gallery
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Posted on: 07-05-11
The poster for the Duchamp retrospective at the Pasadena Art Museum from 1963
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Posted on: 07-04-11
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