Volume 1/ Issue 1 (Dec. 1999)


In December 1999, Tout-Fait announced its inauguration issue. The color squares of Tout-Fait’s design are loosely based on the sequence of rectangles (reminiscent of a book of color filters for light experiments or photography) in Duchamp’s last painting, Tu m’ of 1918. Each square designates a different category: News, Articles, Notes, Interviews, Animation, Music, and Editorial. Please click on the icon to see the design of this innovative “Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal.”


Volume 1/ Issue 2 (May 2000)


With visitor counts burgeoning in the first four months of its existence, Tout-Fait’s second issue appeared in May 2000, featuring contributions from world-renowned art historians and scientists. New squares were added for Art & Literature, Multimedia, and Letters. Tout-Fait was featured as the selected site by the New York Times, and described by Artforum as an“earth-shattering news item.”


Volume 1/ Issue 3 (Dec. 2000)


In December 2000, Tout-Fait presented its third issue, which concluded its first volume. Here, the Collection Section was added to introduce newly (re)arranged Duchamp collections in major museums around the globe. The Bookstore section was added, offering recommended readings from Tout-Fait’s contributors.

Volume 2/ Issue 4 (Jan. 2002)


With more than 100,000 visitors and a readership spanning the globe, and comments and queries coming in daily from university professors, students, artists and public school teachers, Tout-Fait has proven to be an important resource for Duchamp study and scholarship. In April 2002, Tout-Fait unveiled its second Volume (issue 4), with enhanced functions for readers' convenience. An added opening animation was created to reinforce the Journal's visual quality.



Volume 2/ Issue 5 (Apr. 2003)



The fifth issue of Tout-Fait appeared in April 2003, with more than 40 first-time contributions. Adding to the recommendations of the New York Times and the BBC, Tout-Fait was favorably reviewed by MIT’s Leonardo magazine. It was included in the reading list of the International Association of Art Critics, United States Section, and listed as the official website on the an-artist featured by the Internet Public Library (University of Michigan).

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